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Just Eventide (Ghostley Books, 2017)

Short story/Poetry collection

It is the evening that offers a time for reflection and promises of dreams yet to come.

If light is life and darkness is death, then eventide is both a time for sorrow and excitement: sorrow as we mourn time passed that we are unable to reclaim, and excitement as to the great unknown which awaits us once darkness envelops us.

Just Eventide, the fourth collection from the Arnold Bennett Shortlisted author Dan Weatherer, explores themes of death and rebirth via a heady mix of long/short fiction, prose and poetry.

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Crippen (Spectral Press, 2017)

From The Arnold Bennett Literary Prize shortlisted author, Dan Weatherer.

On the 23rd November 1910, Dr Hawley Harvey Crippen – the notorious London poisoner, was executed for the murder of his wife, Cora Crippen. His crime had shocked the country, as details of the dismemberment and concealment of Cora’s corpse featured on the front page of newspapers nationwide.

A century later, mystery and controversy surround the case, with many historians and true-crime fans asking How was it possible that a respected, intelligent man such as Hawley Crippen, was capable of committing such a vile act?
Recently unearthed evidence serves only to confuse further…

Having extensively explored the facts of the case, ‘Crippen’ offers a unique insight into the man behind the murder, presenting a fresh version of a story that you think you already know.

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Neverlight (Spectral Press, 2016)

Short story/Poetry collection
Are we mere puppets, a slave to the will of others? Influence, an inescapable and unseen force exerted upon all of us. Can we ever say that we are creatures of free will, acting according to our desires and not of those around us? Influence is the white noise that bombards our every waking moment, clouding our thought, hindering our judgement.

Looking beyond our existence, there are those beings that dwell beneath the surface of our planet, ancient entities twisted in their resentment of our freedoms, that would mean us harm. Theirs is an influence ancient in its origin, born from evil and cruel intent.Their will presses upon us, calling out to our most primal instincts.

We, oblivious, heed their call.

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Only The Good Burn Bright ( James Ward Kirk Press, 2015)

Short story collection
‘Only The Good Burn Bright” is the second collection to be released by award-winning UK author Dan Weatherer and is the first book to appear under his Father Darkness Alias. His debut release “The Soul That Screamed” picked up the writer’s workshop award for Best Anthology 2013. Containing over twenty stories that cross both contemporary and gothic horror styles and told in the author’s own inimitable voice, “Only The Good Burn Bright” is a devilish treat for book and horror fans alike.


The Soul That Screamed  - Cover by Jude Cann Hunt.jpg

The Soul That Screamed (Horrified Press, 2014)

Short story collection
Winner of the P & E Readers Poll 2013 – best anthology of the year. Dan Weatherer’s debut horror collection, “The Soul That Screamed”, discusses the curiosity of man. Whether exploring the origins of local legend or dabbling with the dark arts, the unforeseen and often terrifying effects of our ignorant actions are laid bare inside. Tales that include the terrifying origins of a mysterious chained oak, a pensioner with murderous intentions, a young girl lost in death , the ignorance of a charlatan, a box that should remain unopened, a misguided pact with a demon, and more lay within the pages of Dan Weatherer’s debut collection, “The Soul That Screamed.

This title was a limited run.