The Freedom Of Expression

In order to be a true reflection of the human condition; art is the antithesis of control. 

Control, by its nature, inhibits. It dulls, it coerces, it is the will of another and not the artist.

Yet control features prominently in the psychological make-up of most, if not all of us: at least to a degree.

I despise control. Nobody has a right to inhibit or manipulate another. In my eyes, it is the weak who display this behaviour the most; their own shortcomings dictating the need to temper the will of others.

Artists resist the urge to control, instead exploring ideas and emotions others choose to supress. This, I believe, takes an equal amount of courage and despair.


Art is living, at least it is for me. Occasionally, I lose sight of this. Then I take a moment to observe my children at play, and my desire to share and to create returns.

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