London Pub Theatre Review – The Watching Eye (ScareSlam, Old Red Lion Theatre, London)

A glowing review of a piece I submitted to Blackshaw Theatre, for the recent ScareSlam event:

The Watching Eye 

Written by Dan Weatherer 
Performed by Ellie Pitkin

‘The Watching Eye’ tells the story of a couple who find themselves in a desperately creepy, remote cottage. In classical horror story style, strange things begin to happen and the wife is persuaded by the mirror to dispatch her husband, as an offering to the thing that lies buried beneath the foundations of the cottage. This felt like the most traditional of the pieces. Employing well known horror tropes, but it was certainly not clichéd. It reminded me of a mix between an old folklore and something H. G. Wells might’ve written. This piece had a reach to it; the re-burying of the evil thing under the house and the refusal to ever discuss what went on that night when the wife killed her husband with the fire poker and dismembered him gave the story an unfinished feel. I say unfinished in a good way, as if the story’s not over yet, there’s more horror to come. These things never stay buried for long after all

My thanks to Verity, and London Pub Theatre Magazine.

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