Heartland Plays (USA) secure publication rights to two more Plays

As a writer, there are often long periods where nothing happens with regard to submissions and placing work. This is because the review process for any publisher involves a lot of time – there are millions of writers out there, all vying for a piece of the action.

Sometimes, news comes thick and fast, and, after months of nothing, I seem to be in one of those phases.

First up, Heartland Plays (USA) has signed the distribution rights to two of my plays. @A Brother Born’ and ‘Tuesday of the Dead’ join their extensive online catalog this November.

In the past, Heartland Plays have sold rights to a few pieces of mine, most recently ‘The Holding’, which has been purchased by The Old Church Theatre, Vermont, USA, for a full production.

My thanks to Rebecca and her team for their continued support.

You may have seen the other news relating to Legend of the Chained Oak, and various pieces being performed this Halloween season. I hope (hope muchly!) to have news regarding one of my novels soon…

Don’t forget, ‘Just Eventide’ is available now, and is the perfect read for Halloween.

The end of the year has provided a strong platform upon which I can build in 2018…and build I shall!

Thanks for reading and for your continued support.


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