Crippen Out Now Via Spectral Press

Crippen, my latest novella is now available to purchase. (UK Link.)

US Link: HERE.

It has been published by Spectral Press, (who also published my Arnold Bennett Literary Prize shortlisted collection, Neverlight.)

Needless to say, I am delighted to be working with Gary and the team again. Spectral Press is an award-winning, prestigious publisher, having printed work by such authors such as Stephen Volk and Gary McMahon.

My thanks to Gary and Siobhan for their belief in the project.

The hope is that this book will appeal to fans of true crime, historical fiction and gothic horror.

Researching the book was a joy, though writing it was among my most exhausting projects to date!

I hope that you enjoy my efforts.

Work continues with regards to placing The Underclass, The Tainted Isle and Just Eventide.

Hawley and Cora Crippen.

From the back cover:

On the 23 rd November 1910, Dr Hawley Harvey Crippen – the notorious London poisoner, was executed for the murder of his wife, Cora Crippen. His crime had shocked the country, as details of the dismemberment and concealment of Cora’s corpse featured on the front page of newspapers nationwide.

A century later, mystery and controversy surround the case, with many historians and true-crime fans asking How was it possible that a respected, intelligent man such as Hawley Crippen, was capable of committing such a vile act?

Recently unearthed evidence serves only to confuse further…

Having extensively explored the facts of the case, ‘Crippen’ offers a unique insight into the man behind the murder, presenting a fresh version of a story that you think you already know.

Click HERE to purchase/read a free sample (UK Kindle Version) or HERE (US Kindle Version).

A paperback edition will follow shortly.

Thank you – I hope you enjoy my work.

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