As many who have read my work will attest, I have a fascination with Victorian England, and have set several of my stories (and an upcoming novel) during that era.

It shall therefore come as no surprise to learn that my latest writing project concerns the life and crimes of notorious murderer Dr Hawley Crippen. (Although he was caught and executed during the Edwardian period.)

There have been several books written covering his crimes, however, I intend to shine new light on the case, presenting a hitherto unexplored theory as to who lay beneath the floorboards of 39 Hilldrop Crescent. (Never let it be said I don’t attempt to rock the boat!)

Hawley and Cora Crippen.

The book is based upon my stageplay Crippen (to be published 2018 by Crystal Lake Publications).

One of the key differences I found between writing for the page and the stage is that a lot of details go unwritten/unspoken with regards to a stage play, in that the stage directions presented for the actors are the prompts required to convey the emotions/actions of the characters. When writing a book that will simply not suffice.

Be sure to keep up to date with how the project is progressing by following this site.

Thank you.

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