Beige and The British Comedy Guide

Now there’s a title I never thought I’d type! Not because I did not believe in the quality of our short film Beige, but because I’m more often associated with horror and dark fiction, than comedy.

But then, Beige is certainly dark!

Many of you have heard me talk openly about this project, without me ever giving a clear indication as to what the film is about. That’s probably terribly shortsighted of me – but I wanted to keep a bit of the mystery, and I always intended you to see for yourself.

And now you can!

I’m thrilled to announce that Beige is now part of the database of British comedy housed at The Great British Comedy Guide! I’d like to thank Hayley-Marie Axe for making this possible, and extend further thanks to the cast and crew. Without them, there’d be no film.  already proving to be a hit at festivals

Beige is already proving to be a hit at festivals worldwide, and now you can enjoy it for yourselves – FREE!
Do like/share/comment – let us know what you think good or bad!

Thanks again for watching, and for your continued support.


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