Why I’m done with PC gaming.

This time it’s over for good. I mean it. We’re through. Don’t try to tempt me with your season sales; the hurt cuts too deep.

So, what brought about the end to an admittedly turbulent relationship?

Diablo 3.

Now, I’m no longer the most prolific of gamers (parenthood took care of that!), but if you fancy a game of Diablo 3 after a six week hiatus, you damn well ought to be able to play it, without issue, after having paid in full to do so.

I’ve not even reached the level cap for my first character yet!

So, I attempted to load a game, only to be informed that my graphics card is not supported.

Funny, it supported the game to level 57.

This sort of thing really grinds my gears. I’m a gamer who cut his teeth on the original NES. I’m of the belief that you buy a game, expecting to get a complete experience, free to play for as long as your system draws electricity.

Now, before you start commenting below, I know there’s likely a work around to sort this graphics card issue. In fact, I managed to fix it before. However, my memory isn’t what it once was, and dammit…ive not the time to reprogramme the blasted game AND play it afterwards; I’ve life to be getting on with!

I probably sound like a dinosaur, but give me a game ready to play from the box, anytime. 

I’m tired of your enforced patches and updates. I’m fed up of your user agreements. Super Mario Bros.3 never gave me this much trouble!

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