Second Novel Passed to Beta Readers.

It has been a difficult write; the best part of eight months of my life’s work is now in the hands of my team of readers, whose job it is to highlight the good points and the bad, of my latest offering. I can no longer continue to work on the piece without their feedback, as I have become blind to the enormity of it all. To me, it appears as a mass of words, tacked together, the joins fragile and altogether obvious.

I need fresh eyes, and I need to walk away from the project and turn my attention to something new.

That is not to say I believe the novel to be bad. It is impossible for an author to offer an objective opinion on his work, so I will not endeavour to do so now. It is what it is, either readers like it, or they don’t.

I mentioned that it was a difficult write, and I will explain why:

This was the first time I’d tackled a writing traditional novel. The Tainted Isle, though a longer work, is, in essence, a series of memoirs, each story wholly separate (in part) to the next. This latest effort is my attempt at a longer narrative, encompassing various viewpoints, coherent sub-plots and more.

In short, it is a style of writing that as a short story author, I am unaccustomed to.

Still, he who dares and all!

I have also had to write around my parental duties, which meant stealing time as and where possible. I know many authors work after regular office hours, so may not find this challenging, but I often struggle to find a rhythm once I have ad to console a temper tantrum or change a soiled nappy. Still, I would not change that for the world! I am in a fortunate position to be able to work doing what I love while spending time with my infant son. I also look forwards to the day when he is at school, and I can dedicate myself to my craft!

Over the course of the last twelve months, I have penned both The Tainted Isle and these (as yet untitled) novel, a fourth collection, a handful of stage-plays and numerous articles discussing my work, creativity in general and the City of Culture Bid, 2021. It is been busy, but I know I could have written more. 2017 is shaping up to be a key year for my writing career, and I for one cannot wait to see what it has in store.

Thanks, as ever for your support.



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