The Launch.

So, how did the online book launch fair? Better than I had hoped if I am honest. Solid turnout and a great amount of interaction led to an event seemingly enjoyed by all. As a result, we even managed to get Neverlight topping the English/Irish Literary Fiction chart for anthologies!

neverlight cover

As of now the book charts as follows –

Amazon Bestsellers Rank: #18,806 Paid in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Paid in Kindle Store)

The collection has been positively received even if it is something of a slight departure from my previous works. Though containing elements of horror, this is a collection of dark fiction explored via traditional short stories, poetry and prose. Readers have commented on the development of a more mature voice and an ever growing confidence with regards to the tales I wish to tell.

If you’d like to try Neverlight  for yourself you can get a copy here (kindle/kindle app) for just £2.99.

Thank you.

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