Matricide – A Facebook First (Possibly.)

That is an attention-grabbing headline right there! Relax, no one was harmed. Give me a moment to explain.


As part of the online launch of my latest collection Neverlight (see for details) one of the activities I ran was a story writing competition. The idea was that we would each write a line in the comments box, taking the lead from my opener. I’ll admit I wasn’t sure if the idea would work but much fun was had by all who participated (and surely that is what counts?)

So here (with a little editing) is MATRICIDE.

This was the last thing Madeline had expected. A corpse before her on the floor…laughing at her, the axe in her hand covered in blood. It was her mother; she should have known when to stop. Though why she was surprised, she had no idea.

This wasn’t how she had intended her first live webcam show to go.The corpse’s laughter was growing louder, live across the net. She closed her eyes. Why did I do these things? The answer lay before her.

She heard a scream from the window and the laughter stopped. There was a chill in the air.

“There’s nothing quite like a daughter’s love is there? or a mother’s?” came a voice from the next room.

The new life in her belly squirmed. Squirmed, and then clawed. Seizing control of her body it commanded her to look at the comments below her live stream.

 There’s nothing quite like a daughter’s love is there? Or a mother’s?

The words Don’t look back appeared suddenly on the screen as the new life continued to feed, weakening her.

Dead silence and a realisation.

She wasn’t pregnant – she was still a virgin.

A life of some form so desperate to work its way out by any means necessary had soiled her womb. What hideous form of immaculate conception was this?

The corpse before her twitched; the face turned to her, grinned and spoke.

“There’s nothing quite like a daughter’s love is there? Or a mother’s?”

Written by Daniel Wood, Daniel Tobias Lewis-Dayle, Jennifer Weatherer, Ryan Woods, Clare Wilshaw, Ian Hill, Beccy Oakes, Mark Chell, Andrew Angel, Darren Anstey, Dave de Burgh and Lisa Beardmore.

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