Online parties and such.

The day finally arrived. Neverlight, my third collection was released via Spectral Press on March 31st. It has charted well thus far. Thank you to all who have purchased a copy.

neverlight cover

My publisher insists that I throw an online party to help celebrate and promote the launch of the book. Now, I must confess I am hopeless at parties. I don’t dance, I don’t indulge in small talk, hell I don’t even eat the food! But, seeing as we are online, and I can hide behind a monitor and pretend to be a party legend, I have high hopes that this will turn out all right in the end.

There will be chat, competitions, giveaways, nibbles and party games. If you’d like to come along, drop me an email. It’s all very exclusive!

I’ll post links to the Kindle edition below. It’s priced at £2.99. If you have an interest in dark fiction, be sure to check it out.

One last thing, I totally promise I won’t be playing Football Manager while hosting said online event. Seriously.

Neverlight Link:

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