Neverlight available to pre-order.

Forgive this blog entry as I hate to turn what is supposed to be an entertaining form of writing into a sales pitch, but as I write for a living, if I don’t sell books then my kids don’t eat!

Neverlight is available to pre-order in signed, limited edition, hardback form from today. Just follow the link below and use the code dan5 for a £5 saving. You also get a free Father Darkness leather bookmark thrown in! Can’t be bad!

Neverlight is my third collection and early reader reviews are calling it my deepest and darkest to date!

Preorder here:

neverlight coverbookmark

From the dustcover:

Are we mere puppets, a slave to the will of others?


Influence, an inescapable and unseen force exerted upon all of us. Whether coming by way of our parents or our peers, via the media or education, can we ever say that we are creatures of free will, acting according to our desires and not of those around us? Influence is the white noise that bombards our every waking moment, clouding our thought, hindering our judgement. From it, there can be no escape.


Looking beyond our world, there are those beings that dwell beneath the surface of our planet, ancient entities twisted in their resentment of our freedoms, that would mean us harm. Theirs is an influence ancient in its origin, born from evil and cruel intent. Their will presses upon us, calling out to our most primal instincts. We, oblivious, heed their call.


Containing thirty-one short stories that showcase the unmistakable voice of Dan Weatherer, here is an author fast becoming fluent in the art of dark fiction.

Are you ready for Neverlight?



Neverlight Contents:


Foreword – by Andrew Angel


An Ode To The Greats






Solitude And The Storm








The Watchful Eye




Against All Odds


Time Flow And The Spectral Realm


My First Horror Story


The Specimen


Meadow View


The Dolly Who Is My Friend


The Wanting Summer


The Withered Touch


The Raven And The Wolf




The Miners of Annan


A Butcher’s Wife, Indisposed


The Tragedy Of The Tailor.


The Thing Beneath The Bed


Clarence Milton – Vampire Hunter


That Laughing Man


Six Feet


She Who Cast No Shadow


Soul, Ugly


Killing Gary


A Mother’s Gift




Brammerly House




Pre-order your copy today here:

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