A Space To Call My Own

Cranage Hall.

I’m writing this blog while sitting in a grand Elizabethan study, and I must tell you that it feels like I  belong here. I always said that I could write sitting in a gutter if need be, but the effect of an inspirational and airy workspace cannot be underestimated. (Though you can’t get much more spacious than writing outside, from a gutter or otherwise!)


My new favourite writing space (and Nate.)

I’ve already fixed in my mind where I’d set a desk; I’m sitting in an armchair that resides in the exact spot. To my left is a roaring, open fireplace. To my right a comfortable sofa.
The room is afforded plenty of light thanks to the selection of large windows (that stretch almost entirely from floor to ceiling) and the ornate, high ceiling (which is detailed in a floral style, typical of the era.)


Sitting here now, I can feel my mind breathe. Oh, what tales I could conjure working in such a space as this!


My desk would replace the cream armchair

Tis a shame I have to leave soon. My tiny, back bedroom office shall have to suffice…for now.


Nate and my new favourite writing space


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