“Neverlight” due March via Spectral Press

Neverlight, my highly anticipated third collection is due for release in March via Spectral Press.

Neverlight cover-page-001
I am looking forward to hearing reader feedback as I feel that this is my darkest yet most thought-provoking piece to date. While there are some horror tales lurking within, I see the collection as more of a work of Dark Fiction than out and out horror.
This is to be a key release for Spectral Press, and I for one am honoured to be playing such a crucial role in the relaunch of the highly respected imprint. I’d like to extend my thanks to all who helped make this release possible, including Gary Compton of Tickety Boo Press, Holly Madew for her awesome cover art, Mark Lee for his Font work, Andy Angel for his excellent foreword and to Lucy Roach and Jim Rhodes for their beta work.

Neverlight Contents:

Foreword – by Andrew Angel

An Ode To The Greats



Solitude And The Storm




The Watchful Eye


Against All Odds

Time Flow And The Spectral Realm

My First Horror Story

The Specimen

Meadow View

The Dolly Who Is My Friend

The Wanting Summer

The Withered Touch

The Raven And The Wolf


The Miners of Annan

A Butcher’s Wife, Indisposed

The Tragedy Of The Tailor.

The Thing Beneath The Bed

Clarence Milton – Vampire Hunter

That Laughing Man

Six Feet

She Who Cast No Shadow

Soul, Ugly

Killing Gary

A Mother’s Gift


Brammerly House

In other news, work continues in earnest on my debut novel. Expect an update soon.
My as yet untitled fourth collection is taking shape nicely, and I also plan on releasing a book of stage plays towards the end of the year. That is a total of four books in the works! Work also continues my stage plays, some of which shall be featuring at fringe events later in the year, some in contests, and some shall become short films. Exciting times.
Once again a big thank you to all involved in projects associated with my work and to you dear reader for your unending support.
For more information about Dan and his work visit http://www.fatherdarkness.co.uk

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