Theatrelab @Bath Spa University and Burdall’s Yard

On Saturday 30th January, a One-Act play of mine will be performed by Bath University Drama students as part of their Wordplay event. I hope to be in attendance.


Of course, I am delighted that they chose a piece of my work to stage… delighted and terrified.

Writing is a solitary pursuit. I write in a tiny back room, on a small laptop, facing a wall. My window of inspiration is my imagination. All well and good when only I see what my efforts have produced, but it is an entirely different ball game when you release your work upon the world.

I adore writing for the theatre. Don’t get me wrong, out of all of the avenues that I explore with my writing, the theatre is the hardest nut to crack, a fact that likely drives me to push all the harder. Chances to see my work performed live are few and far between. Of course, I hope to remedy this by producing more pieces of a higher standard, but so often the decision on whether a play is chosen for production is one of taste rather than overall quality.


I shall be sitting with the audience as a bag of nerves come showtime. I was asked how does it feel to know that your work will be brought to live on the stage? If truth were to be told, nervous does not come close. My mind is racing with a million questions, the answers to which I will learn at the same time as the paying crowd. The destiny of the piece that I imagined while staring at that cold, unforgiving, back room wall, is out of my hands. This is at once petrifying and exhilarating. Perhaps this is the real reason that I enjoy writing for the theatre?


Thank you Theatrelab for choosing to showcase my work.I hope you will join me in aiming a hearty Break A Leg to all of the cast/crew involved with the night.

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