Cover Stories

From canvas to cover.

In the first of a series of blog entries, I detail the background to the art that appears on the covers of my books.

Neverlight cover-page-001

Following the announcement of the publication of my third collection Neverlight, I was inundated with comments regarding the cover art chosen for the book.

The importance of a strong cover cannot be underestimated. The simple fact is a good cover sells books. We are creatures of impression, and first ones are telling. In a crowded bookstore, the battle for the readers attention is paramount: more so as an up and comer. The reader has little idea of what to expect within those pages, and while a fantastic cover design may not always deliver upon the promised of strong content (and vice-versa), it does not hurt to present a well designed, professional looking product.

The cover to Neverlight is the work of art student, Holly Madew. I believe that she has a bright future ahead of her.

We came together on the project after I commissioned her to draw a series of sketches for a short story titled Gyll’s Whel. My story and her artwork appeared in Nightmare Illustrated Vol 3 courtesy of Horrified Press.


I kept an eye on her work, as she would often post online pictures of her latest pieces. I saw a painting in the early stages of development, and I knew that this would be the cover to Neverlight.

Having made my initial approach, she continued with the piece. Upon completion, I wrote a short story that was inspired by her work. Based on the myth of The Black Eyed Children of Cannock Chase, the piece came to be called Neverlight. Moreover, a collection was named.


I am a stout supporter of her work, and in following blog entries, I shall share more of her paintings. She asked that I write a supporting piece of prose for each, which I was honored to do. Her work is to be exhibited locally in July.

Neverlight will be released Spring 2016 via Spectral Press.

For more information visit

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