“Neverlight” to be published by Tickety Boo Press, Spring 2016

It is with a great amount of pride that I can announce that publication of my third short story collection has been confirmed. “Neverlight” shall appear courtesy of Tickety Boo Press, this coming spring.

Neverlight cover-page-001

I believe that this is my strongest release to date, and I am pleased to join the ever burgeoning ranks of Tickety Boo Press. When sourcing a publisher for this particular collection, I decided that the press in question need to be respected and ideally placed among horror/dark fiction circles. Tickety Boo Press ticks all of those boxes and more. I am honoured to have my work appear alongside authors such as Simon Marshall Jones, whose debut collection “Biblia Longcrofta” was one of my favourite books of last year.

This release is dedicated to my grandparents. Though they are not here to witness my developing writing career first hand, I hope that they would approve, if not of my material, then of my persistence and hard work.

My thanks to Gary Compton, Holly Madew, Brock Lee, Lucy Roach and Jim Rhodes for all of their hard work in helping put this piece together.

I thank you as ever for your continued support and hope that you enjoy the book upon release.

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