The Monkey On My Back.

*WARNING – This particular entry is entirely self-serving and for reasons that shall become apparent, should not be read by anyone*


I am my harshest critic. It has always been that way, and I cannot see it changing anytime soon. 2015 has been a tough year for me professionally. I’ve released two books “”Only The Good Burn Bright” and “What Dwells Within”) with two established publishers, yet these books were completed in 2014. 2015 has not seen the release of any material written this year…and that bugs me. Sometimes.

My troubled psyche giving me yet more grief.
My troubled psyche giving me yet more grief.

This leads me to feel conflicting emotions, and I find myself justifying as to why this is, at least, several times a week. The fact is that I have written more this year than in my first two years of writing combined. I’ve penned a third collection (“Neverlight,”) a non-fiction book documenting the life and work of a leading, local clairvoyant (“An Angel Walks Among Us,”) completed my first Sci-Fi Novella, started work on my debut novel and have completed fifteen works for the stage.

So why are there no new books of mine on Amazon? Why no plays of mine on stage?

True, I could self-publish my material, get it out in the digital marketplace and reap 100% of the financial rewards that potential sales might bring, but I’ll not do that, that’s not what I am about. Before this turns into another one of those Self Publishing vs. Traditional Publishing blogs, I wish to say that writing for me is never about the money. Sure, I would like to make a living from it one day, but I don’t publish with percentages in mind and I sure as hell don’t publish to keep my name in the frame. I seek to place my work with like-minded and well-respected publishers, and all of this takes time. True, I have to split the profits but that doesn’t bother me.

Why? I shall explain. Having the vote of confidence that being published by an established house brings, is priceless. At least to me. Having someone read my work and then tell me that they get it, that they wish to get behind it and publish it, that means more to me than a decent profit cut. When a publisher brings your book to the marketplace, you become part of their history, part of a stable, you belong somewhere. Moreover, in the world where everybody and his dog is writing books these days, I’d rather be among friends than chance it alone.

Of course, placing a book with a busy publisher takes time. So while It seems that I have little to offer my readers this year, in reality, I am sitting on a large stockpile of material that I am working hard to get to an audience. I just wish to do this in what I see is the right way for me.

Reconstruction of my output 2015 (Only it's all on my hard drive so feel free to ignore...)
Dramatic Reconstruction of my output – 2015

It is the same with my stage material. In essence, that is even harder to place. Theatres have to guarantee bums on seats. New writing is a risk; it is never going to sell as well as Shakespeare or other more established shows. That is why I am working hard to find the sort of people who will be as passionate about my work as I. They are out there, I know they are – the feedback I’ve had regarding my scripts is extremely positive.

So I ask you…actually, that’s bullshit, I ask me…the guy writing this now, to cut himself some slack. It’s a marathon, not a sprint, and for those of you waiting for my new work, I promise that once it sees the light of day, you shall not be disappointed.

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