2015 – A year in writing

2015 promised to deliver much, or, at least, it did to a still very much wet behind the ears author like myself.

Only The Good Burn Bright

February saw the release of my second collection “Only The Good Burn Bright,” a collection that I am immensely proud of and one that I think will sell in higher figures once I establish myself as an author of note.

“Beige” – May 2015, London

2015 also saw my interest wane in screenplays, instead turning my attention to writing for the stage. I find this particular medium far more enjoyable in which to work, and hit upon immediate success with my short comedy horror “Beige” receiving performed readings in London and San Francisco. My first piece, “The Release of Theodore Marlow” was picked up as a radio play due to air in January 2016 across San Francisco’s airwaves. Moving into 2016, I intend to see much more of my stage plays brought to life. “The Holding” is to be performed in a national one-act competition, “The Release of Theodore Marlow” has been accepted for publication with Off The Wall Plays, and I am working hard on placing more of my material. I have written close to fifteen stage plays this year alone!

"Neverlight" by Holly Madew
“Neverlight” cover art

I completed work on my third collection “Neverlight” in mid-2015, and I am in the process of securing a publisher. This book has taken longer to place because I wish this particular book to appear in circles in which I have worked to establish myself this year. I have taken to the road several times to deliver talks, workshops and panel discussions at a variety of events, meeting countless fantastic people along the way. I intend to do more of the same this year and beyond.

Work finally began on my debut novel, and though this will not be finished by the end of the year, I already have some interested agents eager to see the finished product.

“What Dwells Within”

My first non-fiction title “What Dwells Within,” Co-written with paranormal expert Jayne Harris was released in October and has already gained a degree of respect in paranormal circles. I am especially pleased with this, not for myself – more so for Jayne. It was always my intention to deliver a finished product that she could use to bolster her already impressive arsenal. It was a pleasure to work alongside her, and I wish her every success in the future.


I was shortlisted for the position of Staffordshire Poet Laureate. This might be my proudest achievement to date, for though I did not successfully land the position, to be considered for such a prestigious role barely three years into my writing career fills me with a tremendous amount of pride. I’ve years ahead of me to make my mark and make my mark I shall.

“A Dose of Dark Fiction” – Hanley Library, October 2015
excel academy
Excell Academy Literary Festival – Snyed Green, June 2015

While I have not seen as much material released this year as I would have liked, I have written a huge amount that shall see the late of day in the coming year or so. I felt that it was important to leave the confines of the office and engage with the people. I have met countless genuine, kind, intelligent people of all ages on my travels, and this is what I consider to be my real success story of 2015. Sales are great. Book reviews are nice to see, but nothing comes close to the hearing how you have helped someone take up the pen for themselves.

As ever, thank you to everyone who has supported me this year. 2015 was just the warm up.

See you in 2016.



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