World Mental Health Day @Hanley WRVS Centre, October 10th, 2015.

I forget quite how I found myself volunteering for this event, It may have been suggested to me via a contact of mine regarding a different appointment. It matters not, I am glad I put my services forward.
North Staffs Users are a group set up to fight for the needs of those seeking help in the local Mental Health system. They do good work and judging by the sizeable turnout, they are a service which assist a lot of people.

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I was required to deliver a workshop based on the basics of script writing. This is something I am familiar with, but with no promises of anybody turning up (there was clay modelling going on at the same time) I was prepared for the worst.
I needn’t have worried. I had a group of ten adults, all of different ages, backgrounds and skill sets. Over the course of the session, they created characters, plotted scenes and wrote a first draft which was then given a full reading. Each individual remarked on just how much they had enjoyed the session, some admitting initial nerves due to having a no previous experience of writing.
The scene involved a teenage daughter informing her father that she was pregnant. I was impressed with the diversity of emotions explored in such a small amount of time. They titled the piece “Three times sick.”
I left feeling good. I never quite know how a group will receive my workshops. Indeed, it requires their willingness to try ideas out else the whole plan falls by the wayside. I’d never call myself a teacher – hell, I just make this stuff up as I go along! It does, however, feel good to help others put their creative ideas into words. 

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