The next Staffordshire Poet Laureate?

It is a question that I repeatedly ask myself and one which I answer with a resounding why not?

Poetry and I are strange bedfellows, or at least we were at one time. When I began to write,  my work consisted mainly of short horror stories. These were well received, and I felt that I had found my stride. Since I began writing stage plays earlier this year, my work has taken a different direction.

You could still argue that horror still exists within my output, but I would counter that it does so to a much lesser extent. Playwriting has encouraged me to look at my work under a new light and has led me to explore more complex and emotive themes.

I have said it before, “Neverlight” shall be my least horror title to date. Expect my work to fall under the genre of Dark Fiction, a term that best fits my output of late.

So where does poetry fit into my plans?  It so happens that my first published piece was a poem, (It came via way of a secondary school poetry competition on the topic of bullying.)  “Neverlight” contains several piece of poetry that seemed to flow onto the page with relative ease. Exploring the needs of my characters and the dialogue that they use to express their desires has enabled me to write several pieces of strong poetry. I can only see me writing more.

Virgil pictured as appearing in
Virgil pictured as appearing in “The Divine Comedy.”

I may not be the most technically gifted poet.  I have not studied the subject at length nor do I claim to be able to recite classic poems at will. What I do know is that good poetry comes from the heart. If you feel it, you will be able to shape it into something beautiful should you so intend. (I do however have a few favourites such as “The Raven” by Poe, “The Divine Comedy” by Dante and “If” by Kipling.)

I am passionate about the craft of writing. I have achieved success in several aspects of the art, and I intend to continue to work hard at developing my skills. I am dedicated to raising interest in literacy, poetry included, and have succeeded in engaging with and inspiring countless individuals.

Good writing, whether it be poetry, prose or dialogue, comes from within. I aim to nurture that and help individuals tap into themselves so that they can unleash their inner voice. The technicalities – they can come later.

I may be young and relatively new to the art of writing, but my achievements and dedicated mindset speak for themselves. If the council see fit to award me the title of Poet Laureate, they shall have found themselves a committed and driven individual able to represent the county and communicate the art of poetry to audiences old and new.

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