Variety is the spice of life.

“Neverlight” is probably my most diverse collection to date. Containing short stories, flash fiction, prose and even (gasp) poetry, it promises to deliver something for everyone.

At least that is the plan.

These past few months my work has taken several courses. Aside from the book mentioned above I have penned a couple of pieces for film. There is also moot talk of possible television developments, but as with talk of any big idea I tend not to hold my breath. It is better to fire off submissions and forget about them – at least in my opinion!

Playwriting is fast becoming a firm favourite of mine and this is the area in which I have dedicated most of my time of late. Rest assured I am working hard to bring several creations to the stage!

Since embarking upon this path I have adopted a “why not have a go attitude,” which has led me to apply for an all manner of positions and opportunities. Occasionally I worry that I spread myself to thinly but when you can see a place for everything in your master plan it would be foolish not to apply oneself fully!

2015 has yielded more in the way of possibilities than 2014 ever did. Who could have known that I’d be giving workshops at leading literary conventions (hint – Derby, November) or appearing at festivals to sign books and perform readings? Playwriting only began this year and I have already produced a few pieces of note!

What ai am saying I keep pushing, stay open to new ideas and embrace each opportunity…you never know where it may lead.

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