In the works…

A lot has happened this past week and this post is not only to bring you all up to speed but serves as a way of me trying to organise the chaos!


"Neverlight" by Holly Madew
“Neverlight” by Holly Madew


Firstly – “Neverlight” should be returning to me shortly meaning that I can then send her out to my publishers of choice. The artwork is complete and I am in the process of sorting text additions as we speak!

Secondly – after a successful meeting with the staff of the City central Library I will be hosting a morning of Dark Fiction this Coming Halloween. I have opened the morning up to involve local authors as I feel it is important to help promote literary talent. Submissions need to be sent to me at by the 1st of September 2015.
I am to take part in a huge event in November but as yet I cannot reveal any details – stay tuned.
I may also have found a home for “The Release of Theodore Marlow” with a local theatre group. Talks are in the early stages, but I am confident that we can get a performance set up.
Aside from having various works under consideration with a multitude of theatre companies I am continuing to work towards securing an agent. More news as and when.

Film news now and I may be up for a significant role change RE John Williams’ “The Slayers.” More news to come!

Finally – I have massive plans for a one-night event to be hosted in Stoke on Trent next year. Details will come once dates/venue are finalised, but I intend to make it a night to remember for all involved and will invite the creme de la creme of the UK literary world to attend – at least that’s the plan!

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