The upward struggle.

The climb is hard, the summit seemingly unreachable. Many fall by the wayside, tired of the exertion, beaten back by the sheer difficulty of the task.
Not I.
I choose my challenges carefully. If it doesn’t fit I walk away, refusing to persist with something that feels alien to me. Writing is my groove and more. It’s who I am.
Last week I let myself down. When confronted with hostility from a source whom I approached for help, I let it eat at me. It broke my good mood, the elation that I carried into the week from the success of my first creative writing workshop was crushed. It was wrong of me to let that happen.
What many of you see is the success. You see the Yes’s when the No’s outweigh them by far. The real test of an artist is push through the negativity, to ignore the crippling self doubt and to continue to push to find just one person who enjoys your efforts. It only takes one to make it all worthwhile.

To everyone that has supported me (silently or otherwise) thank you. I will continue to work towards where I want to be, sitting pretty at the top of that mountain.


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