Excel Academy – Creative Writing Workshop, 3/7/15

I will be totally honest with you all, I was very nervous about attending this event. It is one thing believing you are able to write to an acceptable standard, but quite another to take your process and attempt to teach it to another, no matter the age!

After a last minute lesson plan change I delivered a series/ of workshops to groups of 11-12 year students which covered the basics of story-boarding and how that can be applied to script writing.

Now, I’m fairly new to writing for the stage myself so I was always going to feel that perhaps I wasn’t best placed to teach the children but I need not have worried. Each session proiduced a short play entirely written by the class based upon ideas that they had generated among themselves. True, we had some extremely random plot ideas but the overall result was what I had hoped for.

Hearing the children say afterwards that they had enjoyed the session and been inspired to read/write more – well it doesn’t get much better. I’ve already had a few stories sent my way and I intend to publish the best three pieces on my website.

I have always spoken of my passion to promote literacy in the area and this was my first real step taken towards achieving that goal. I will definitely be conducting more of these workshops in the future.

Dan Weatherer with Alan Barrett, Dan Wood and the staff at the Excel Academy

For more information about Dan and his workshop session please email dweatherer21@gmail.com or contact him via http://www.fatherdarkness.co.uk.

One thought on “Excel Academy – Creative Writing Workshop, 3/7/15

  1. Hi Dan, lovely to meet you yesterday. My experience is that if you’re enthusiastic about your subject, the kids will pick up on it and be enthused by you. We all met with a great response, and that was partly due to the kids, partly to the school ethos regarding visitors, but mostly due to us being professional and it showing. We can still be professional and have a laugh with them. 🙂


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