What Dwells Within

I never thought that I’d pen nonfiction but life has a way of presenting opportunities that you don’t forsee.


I remember stumbling across Jayne Harris and her work quite by accident and my interest was immediately piqued. I’d heard of haunted dolls before, as indeed most of us have at one time or another, but I’d never really given them much thought. My paranormal interests stemmed from the more traditional “haunted house” type haunting. I admit now that I was naive.
The more that I grew to know Jayne and her work, the more my eyes were opened to the possibilities of the spirit realm. Here was a woman who driven by a personal tragedy, had given 16 years of her life in the pursuit of answers regarding the afterlife. I’d not seen such dedication and honesty, often carried out in the face of adversity. Jayne sought knowledge, not only for herself but for the group of loyal followers that she had helped establish online.
Her’s was a story worth telling , and as she shared her notes with me, my understanding of the afterlife underwent a significant change. I make no apologies for admitting that I was deeply moved on several occasions by her findings. I assure you that you will be too.
Jayne has not only presented the world with a book fit to adorn the shelves of any paranormal enthusiast, she has shared years of experience gained from countless hours spent in the often frustrating pursuit of evidence of the afterlife. She has no interest in fame, tirelessly working to satisfy her own dedicated curiosity. Her findings are both touching and unique. Here are stories not of ghost, but of souls who choose to remain amongst us.
I am sure there is much more to come from Jayne, since writing this book her profile has risen considerably. Her’s is a name to watch amongst paranormal circles. I for one feel privileged to have helped present her work.

“What Dwells Within ” is available to pre order now.

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