The journey of the Chained Oak.

Our final festival appearance of 2014 took place this past Monday as the film played to a moderate crowd at this year’s Bram Stoker International Film Festival. I was fortunate enough to be able to attend this particular event and was treated to a cinema screening. After an impromptu (and nerve wracking) introduction I was able to sit back and enjoy The Legend of the Chained Oak for one final time.

The film seemed to take on a new lease of life as it played out across the big screen and the audio sounded truly incredible as it thundered through the in house sound system, (especially the chant performed by Jude Cann Hunt!) Afterwards there followed a bout of enthusiastic applause and for many in attendance, ours was deemed the film of the mornings selection.

I would like to thank all of organisers and volunteers involved with the event. We met some lovely people and my father and I were made to feel very welcome. The people of Yorkshire are some of the nicest that I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Thank you for inviting us to be a part of your prestigious event.

It is at this point that I feel it is fitting to try and encapsulate what has been an emotional and rewarding journey. It was January 2013 when I sat down to pen the original story and if you had told me what was in store for me back in those early days, I would likely have called you crazy! This project has led me to places that I would never have visited and introduced me to people that I would never have otherwise met. More importantly this experience has helped to define me as an artist. I could not have achieved any of this without the help of Dean, Mark and many more talented and enthusiastic people than I am unable to recall here and now, (though you all know who you are!) It is you who made all of this possible and it is you who have helped to spread the story of one of Staffordshire’s proudest traditions far beyond its borders.

Thank you.

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