The greatest week ever?

Well, what a few weeks! I write this update in a state of supreme tiredness and shock!

First up was the birth of my son. Anyone who has had children will agree that their birth is amongst the most emotional experiences that life can deliver. You will be pleased to hear that both mother and baby are doing well. Father Darkness now has a son!

Then came the news that the film that I wrote and co-produced was selected to be a part of the Bram Stoker International Film Festival. This is a huge honour as the festival ranks as one of the most famous horror festivals that currently run. “Legend of the Chained Oak” is screening alongside some seriously big hitters! As a writer it means a great deal to be associated with the lineage of one of my favourite literary heroes in Bram Stoker. I take a great deal of pride in adding this achievement to my CV.

See the full selection here:

To top off one of the best weeks of my life “Legend of the Chained Oak” won the award for BEST HORROR at this years Portobello Film Festival! This is the UK’s largest and most prestigious film festival for independent film makers. Directors such as Shame Meadows and Guy Ritchie all started out by winning at Portobello. Words fail to describe just how proud the entire cast and crew feel at receiving this award. I would like to thank everybody who has been involved with or supported the project at any point. Thank you all.


Confirmation of our award can be seen here:

What a week indeed…just need to catch up on my sleep now. (The writing continues in earnest…)

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