Today sees the start of the annual Portobello Film Festival which is the UK’s largest (and coolest) indie film festival. Beginning in 1996 as a reaction to the stagnation taking place in the British Film Industry, the festival gave a platform that up and coming indie directors (and writers) could use to show their work to a more accepting set of eyes. When I spoke to a director friend of mine who won an award at last year’s festival he informed me that Portobello was “very rock and roll.”

Who would have thought 12 months ago that something that I had created would be screening at this year’s festival? Not I, that’s for damn sure. It was around this time last year that we began shooting our 28 minute short “Legend Of The Chained Oak” based upon the short story that I wrote by the same name. The project was a first for many who offered their time and expertise for free and although the ride was not always smooth we delivered on what we said we would. I sincerely hope that those who attend from the cast/crew enjoy the festival experience and I’d like to use this blog entry to extend my thanks to everybody once more.

Thanks to all of the extras who volunteered their time and gave our film an authentic feel. You were all great and I’m sorry we couldn’t use you all but each of you contributed to the movies outcome.

Thanks to the Kev Watts, Lauri Saska and Caro Lain who shot the film using their own equipment. They are all destined for much larger projects and I am proud beyond words that they have an award courtesy of our win at the Stoke Film Festival already on their CV’s. I wish you every success for the future.

Faye, Amy and Darren…what can I say? You brought the fear to the screen. Each of you came across as completely genuine; you breathed life into the tale. Each of you are highly talented actors and I know you will go on to greater things. I thank you for bringing your skills to our project.

Huge thanks to Mark and George who took on a multitude of roles. Both appeared on screen adding a further layer of authenticity to the film but their real talents were employed to fantastic affect behind the cameras. Both took on direction duties and both added a professional layer of polish in post-production – Mark utilising his editing skills to present the coherent story you see on screen and George worked on the sound. Huge thanks to you guys, your work on the night terrors scenes is especially commendable.

Which brings me onto my co-producer (and bit part actor) Dean Maynard. Without him none of this would have even being possible. His interest in the legend and its revival meant that I found someone willing to take a chance on my work. Thank you for your belief Dean.

I am massively proud of our achievements and I wanted to make it known that appreciate the efforts of everybody that made this happen. This festival screening is for you. Enjoy it.






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