The State Of Play (20/8/14)

As it stands The Father has much work that is waiting to be considered.

‘Only The Good Burn Bright’ is with a highly respected publisher at present. The Father hopes to have news soon.

The screenplay for the ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’ reboot is currently with franchise Stalwart Muse Watson. Again, The Father hopes to have more news regarding this project soon.

Work has begun on book number 3 (which will actually be the 2nd Father Darkness collection.)

The Father has stories due to land in ‘Sick as Fuck’ (via madwriter publishing in October) and ‘Axes of Evil 2 – Rise of the Metal Gods (due Winter via Morbid books.)

There are numerous other stories that The Father has subbed – stay tuned for more information regarding their fate.

The Father is also in the process of writing a non-fiction book. More details on this as the project nears completion.

Our award winning short ‘Legend of the Chained Oak’ is due to feature at this years Portobello Film Festival. It plays on 3rd September at 6pm. We have the honour of kicking off the festivals Horror night. (This pleases The Father greatly.)

The film is also playing as part of the phnom penh international film festival, Cambodia, 2014 and the Festival internacional de cine de terror, fantástico y bizarre 2014.

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