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Welcome To the official home of Dan Weatherer – Award Winning Author/Playwright/Filmmaker

Here you will find links to all of his works as well as news updates regarding future projects.

Dan Weatherer is represented by The Cherry Weiner Literary Agency, USA.

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Reader Testimonies:

“Dan Weatherer has taken a well-known story and added his own little twist to it. There is still a lot that is unknown about what actually happened. Dan Weatherer has taken this opportunity to tell you a tale of what could have happened, and to be honest, after reading this, I believe him. I think he could have hit upon something that could be very true.”

– Crippen Spectral Press (2017)


“The thing with Weatherer’s storytelling is that his voice and his stories are timeless, in such a way that some feel modern and some have the feel and style of the likes of Lovecraft.”

– Neverlight, Spectral Press (2016)


“I always enjoy this author’s work and this collection is outstanding. The contents include short stories and poetry written in a dark and twisted style that I find interesting, amusing (in parts) and unique. I thoroughly enjoyed this book from cover to cover and highly recommend this title. For those just discovering the author I also suggest taking a look at his previous work – you won’t be disappointed.”

– Just Eventide, Ghostley Books (2017)


“Dark? Absolutely. Twisted? Damn straight. But utterly readable, and a very ample and accomplished demonstration that Dan’s skills have been honed and sharpened in this second collection of truly chilling tales.”

– Only The Good Burn Bright, James Ward Fiction (2015)